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Leadership Team

WCI has an executive and management team that provides oversight, direction and supervision to its homes and employment/day support sites. They foster teamwork and best practices.

Executive Team

Nancy Silver Hargreaves, President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Guinto, Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Donati, Vice President of Operations

Pam Laventure, Vice President of Human Resources

Judy Nichols, Human Resources Manager

Shannon McDonald, Clinical Director

Clinical Supports

The Clinical Supports Team is comprised of professionals who bring a diverse range of expertise to support Individuals at WCI. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are well-equipped to provide effective treatment to Individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities with an array of psychiatric needs and challenging behavior that may limit their community participation.
Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for Individuals that we support through teaching skills that enable Individuals to participate fully in the community and maintain lasting, meaningful relationships. Clinical Support Plans and Assessments are developed through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an established science utilizing the specific applications of learning principles and behavior. ABA uses only evidence-based practices and relies on data to inform treatment.
Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is the application of ABA strategies and systems to assist with increasing the safety of Individuals and staff, decreasing interfering behavior and establishing a positive culture within the organization. PBS was implemented throughout the agency, beginning in October 2014. For more information about PBS in Massachusetts, click here.

Shannon McDonald, Clinical Director

Paul Arrighi, Jr., Assistant Clinical Director

Lauren Jayasinghe, Assistant Clinical Director

Kathleen McDonald, Assistant Clinical Director

Frank Rich, Crisis Manager/Responder

Health Care Coordination

The Health Care Coordination Team is comprised of Registered Nurses with diverse experiences to support Individuals at WCI with significant medical needs. Individuals that we support have co-current diagnoses; and therefore, need skilled nursing supports to continue stability in their various homes and improve their quality of life in the community.
The Health Care Coordination Team supports Individuals by coordinating their health care with Health Care Providers (HCPs) to maintain communication and stability of the Individuals medical needs in the community, arranging and providing follow-up of health services, overseeing the Medication Administration Program (MAP), following State Regulations and Guidelines and WCI Health Care Policies & Protocols.

Tiffany Malachowski, Health Care Coordination Team Leader

John Bradley, Health Care Coordinator

Elizabeth Barrett, Health Care Coordinator

Management Team

Paula Dunn-Meadows, Residential Social Supports & Shared Living Division Head

Sally Roach, Residential 24 Hour & Individual Supports Division Head

Aneta Hazen, Employment & Day Supports Division Head

Lucien Archambeault, Quality Assurance Coordinator