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Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth joined our WCI nursing team in April 2017. She works alongside John Bradley and Tiffany Malachowski, as well as the clinical team serving and supporting many of the group homes in 24 Hour Supports, In Home Supports, Deaf Supports, and Social Supports.

Elizabeth has worked in the health care field for the past 12 years in various direct patient care positions. From being a Certified Nursing Assistant to elder home care to direct support at group homes to becoming a registered nurse; these past experiences have given her a vast and diversified skill set to understand all the needs of our individuals across their lifespan at WCI. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from College of Our Lady of the Elms in Chicopee, Massachusetts during an intense 2 year accelerated second degree program. Her journey into nursing brought her closer to her passion for helping the underserved and community based healthcare, as well as working with developmentally disabled individuals.

She is a Massachusetts native hailing from Springfield and slowly moved her way across the state to the Boston area. She enjoys travelling and kayaking in her free time, as well as, furthering her health and nursing career.