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Our History

WCI was founded in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1974 with a mission to provide care and support services to people with intellectual disabilities. WCI’s first administrative office was on the 3rd floor of the Christ Episcopal church on Main Street in Waltham. Its first community home for eight individuals was a large victorian home. Those individuals now live in their own apartments with minimal support.

WCI Today

WCI provides residential, individual supports, in home supports and shared living to 136 individuals between the ages of 22 and 70 in 49 homes and apartments. WCI supports 86 individuals in employment, community based day and day habilitation services at two sites; Rumford Avenue and Common Street. We support people between the ages of 18 years to end of life.

WCI History

July 1

WCI was Founded

April 1

WCI’s First Home For People Who Are Deaf and Deafblind

WCI officially opened its 1st home for people with sensory disabilities and hired its 1st Coordinator to focus on Deaf culture and American Sign Language.
September 1

WCI Creates Duplex In Waltham

WCI created one duplex (two staffed apartments) in Waltham for people needing 24 Hour Supports.
July 1

WCI Creates A Duplex In Belmont

WCI created a duplex in Belmont, Mass. for people needing 24 Hour Supports and accessible housing.
July 1

WCI Begins Employment Supports Program

WCI began its Employment Supports program.
July 1

WCI Begins Deaf Employment Program

WCI began its Deaf Employment program with staff and individuals who were Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf Blind. WCI also opened the Absolute Necessities Gift Shop in Waltham. Two women purchased “A Home of their Own,” a condo in Waltham.
July 1

WCI Establishes The First Individual Supports Division Self-Advocacy Club

Established the first Individual Supports Division Self-Advocacy Club.
June 1

WCI Begins It’s First In Home Supports Program

WCI began its 1st In Home Supports program.
September 1

WCI Opens First Home For People With Significant Medical Needs

As a founding member of The Resource Consortium, WCI worked to move hundreds of people with Intellectual disabilities out of Nursing Homes into community life. WCI opened its first home for people with significant medical needs.
August 1

WCI Grows To 200 Individuals!

WCI supported 200 individuals with its creation of: 24 Hour Residential and Individual Supports, Deaf Supports and Social Supports Divisions. In addition, the Employment/Day Division began with Community Based Day Supports, Community Employment & Volunteer Work and Deaf Employment/Day Supports.
July 1

WCI Begins Collaborative Art Initiative Program

WCI began its Collaborative Art Initiative program, showcasing paintings and notecards in local businesses. WCI also established its unique apartment living program.
August 1

WCI’s First Annual Art Show

WCI began its first annual Art Show at TCAN in Natick.
November 1

WCI Recieves CARF Accreditation

WCI received its 1st CARF Accreditation & Mass Health Certification for the Life Skills Day Habilitation program.
September 1

WCI Purchases 3rd Home

WCI purchased its 3rd home on Ellison Park, Waltham and began a Computer Training project with Bentley University and the Impact Boston project with Brandeis University.
November 1

WCI Purchases 4th Home

WCI purchased its 4th home on Lincoln Street, Waltham. In 2012, WCI received its 2nd, 3 Year CARF Accreditation for the Life Skills Day Habilitation Program.
July 1

WCI Begins Employee Recognition Program

WCI began its new Employee Recognition Program and began Self-Advocacy Groups in all Divisions.
July 1

WCI Begins New In Home Supports Option

WCI began a new In Home Supports Option and installed new computer systems in all 24 hour homes.
April 1

WCI Purchases Crestview Road Home

WCI purchased a new home on Crestview Rd, Waltham accommodating the needs of four individuals.
January 1

WCI Opens Hardy Pond Road Facility

WCI opened Hardy Pond Road, Waltham, providing a fully accessible home for four Individuals with specific medical and mobility needs. WCI began implementation of its Electronic Record System. WCI’s Rumford Avenue location underwent major renovations in allowing the expansion of the Life Skills Day Habilitation and Social Skills – Community..Read More
July 1

WCI Begins Shared Living As A New Service Option

WCI began offering Shared Living options to two people who chose to live with a family of their choice and who chose to live with them.