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WCI is very proud to recognize four Individuals who have demonstrated immense progress in their continued personal growth here at WCI.

Donald Myers


When Donald first joined WCI, he was unable to sit, participate or engage in any activity. Over the past year, Donald’s individual skills have grown in two important areas. First, he has successfully mastered many day to day activities. Donald now participates in numerous group activities, such as can recycling, outdoor walking, and of course, his favorite hangout, Dunkin Donuts! As well, Donald now has developed a great relationship with the WCI staff, and constantly seeks advice on his progress. Most importantly, Donald has made great strides in advocating for himself.

Raymond Plouffe

Raymond Plouffe

Raymond is a “long-timer” here at WCI, having been a part or our family (along with his wife, Nancy) for 29 great years! Raymond brings a strong sense of volunteerism to WCI. He has worked tirelessly as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. Over the years, he has also worked on behalf of our annual food drive and is our go-to guy for selling raffle tickets. As far as how Raymond feels about being associated with WCI for so long, he easily sums it up this way: “It doesn’t get any better than that”.

Robert Friedlich

Rob F.

Our friend Robert has grown in so many ways! Despite the many bumps early in his life’s journey, Robert has been hard at work over the past two years in improving his life skills. He now fully participates in his community. His social skills have been much improved. He now has many friends and takes pride in how he presents himself (no more shaggy looks!) Of course, we all know Robert for his keen interest in the MBTA, where he sometimes attends community meetings as well. Overall, Robert is making choices for himself every day both in his home and in the workplace. More than us being proud of Robert, it’s even better that Robert is proud of himself!

Sheryll Jones

Sheryll Jones

Sheryll is a respected member of WCI’s Community Based Day Supports Program. Sheryll has a tremendous work ethic. She works five days a week in a variety of paid and volunteer jobs. She has the most pride in her employment as one who is part of the Meals on Wheels program. Here, Sheryll sorts and delivers meals, while at the same time, she is a great social companion to those whom she serves. She is rightfully proud of her accomplishments and enjoys “bringing home a paycheck every week”. Sheryll is a hard worker and fun to be around!