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ADDP Conference Recap!

ADDP Conference – Thursday, April 28th

Several of us had a great time at the Association of Developmental Disability Providers’ Conference on Thursday, April 28th at the DCU Center in Worcester to learn about what’s going on in the field of intellectual & developmental disabilities. It was an extremely well attended conference as it sold out.

The Conference began with an inspirational Keynote Speaker, Lee Woodruff, whose husband had a horrific accident in IRAQ from a bomb explosion, while covering a story on the war there for ABC News. She spoke of how she had to navigate the system to receive the supports & services that her husband and her family needed to get through this uncertain & amazing journey. In addition, she thanked everyone in the room for their dedication and service, giving themselves tirelessly to people with intellectual disabilities & people with acquired brain injury.woodward

We want to thank you for all that you do to support the individuals at WCI to reach independence, to experience community integration and ensure that people lead healthy and productive lives. Both Anne Ndunda & Nancy Silver Hargreaves were able to speak with this inspiring speaker about what she went through with her husband as he recovered and went back to work at ABC News.

The workshops at the conference were very informative from the Commissioners of DDS, MCB and MRC, Medicaid Reform, CBDS Services to Sexuality and many others.

In addition, Ed Skou, WCI’s Board Chair, was in attendance representing Belmont Savings Bank. WCI had an Art Initiative Exhibit Table that brought significant interest and took in over $325. Definitely having the Art Table next to the photo booth that WCI sponsored gave us an advantage this year. Proudly, WCI also provided three entrance fees for self-advocates who could not afford to attend on their own. We congratulate ADDP on another successful conference.

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