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ADDP Legislative Luncheon!

On January 24, ADDP held a Legislative Luncheon in the State House, Hall of Flags, to honor Representative Jeff Roy and Senator Jennifer Flanagan for their support of people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. They both received the 2017 Legislator of the Year Award. In addition, Senate Leader Stan Rosenberg spoke of his support and continued assurance to protect the gains for people with intellectual disabilities. “It was good to see how non profits and the government can work together for the good of our community and specially for the betterment of the lives of people with developmental disabilities,” said Justin Goujon, Interpreter for WCI.

Nicky Osbourne, retiring Commissioner of MRC, also received an Award for her years of service as a Human Service provider and Commissioner of MRC in state service.

Commissioner Elin Howe, DDS Commissioner, also spoke regarding the joint efforts of DDS and providers in supporting people with intellectual disabilities, Autism & Acquired Brain Injury.

WCI also had in attendance at the luncheon, Emanuel Rodrigues, Asst. Coordinator of Deaf Employment/Day Supports, Aida C., Robin D., Nathan C. (Deaf Employment/Day Supports), Justin Goujon, and Nancy Silver Hargreaves, CEO. In addition, Kim Shulman attended the luncheon with her staff from MAB. See the photo of Kim & Nancy in the State House as well as Elin Howe, Commissioner, with our WCI table at the luncheon. We also walked through the halls of the State House following the luncheon to meet with local Legislators’ Aides for Senator Michael Barrett, Senator William Brownsberger and Representative Thomas Stanley. We received a positive response from everyone regarding ADDP’s FY’18 Budget Ask for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. Overall, it was a productive day!

We want to thank all our Legislators for their continued support for the work that we all do each and every day to provide a rich and meaningful life at home, at work and in their communities for people with disabilities.

We also want to thank ADDP for providing Interpreters during the luncheon at the State House as well.

Nancy Silver Hargreaves, CEO

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