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Congratulations, WCI’S Marvelous Multitaskers!

WCI Would like to congratulate all of our fantastic team members who received our Marvelous Multitasker Award! On July 19th, Assistant Coordinator Antoinette Louis was presented her award after being nominated by Director Cutie King and Division Head Paula Dunn-Meadows.

“Antoinette supervised a medically challenging home for one year without a Support Coordinator, never missed an appointment, completed all in-house tasks, kept all monthly medication sheets up to date, adequately staffed the home and made sure the Individuals enjoyed community outings at least once per week.

“In 2016, one of the Individuals that Antoinette serves, was diagnosed with lung cancer. During the process there were numerous appointments to attend with this Individual. Antoinette was there from the first day with x-rays, CT-scan, follow-ups, ongoing blood work, meeting surgeons, discussions of best treatment, etc. Antoinette was there for the surgery. When the Individual was released to the nursing home from the hospital, Antoinette was there every day at times taking all the other Individuals with her to visit this Individual. She was at every follow-up appointment that went on during the nursing home recuperation. Antoinette would bring in snacks for this Individual every time she went and a coffee because the lady likes coffee. She would make sure the Individual had money to purchase her soda from the soda machine. The Individuals received chemotherapy and radiation treatment. At one session it would be chemo alone which would be from 7AM in the morning at Lahey Burlington, then the next session would be blood work, chemo then radiation and that day would be from 7AM until 5PM at the hospital. Antoinette lives very far from Waltham but she was never late for one of the sessions and they went on for several weeks.

“On several occasions Paula and I asked if we could help because it was a difficult time and it was hard on the Individual and also on Antoinette but she said no. ‘I started with her from the beginning and I will continue until her treatment is over.’ Antoinette said that it was difficult and at times she cried but she was not going to give up on this Individual. Antoinette and this Individual went through and came out victorious. The Individual is now cancer free and Antoinette is happy.

“Antoinette did all this while making sure the other Individuals are well taken care of and that their every need was met. Staffing was in place, myself including. There was a time when she called me to come over and stay with an Individuals as the other staff were out on appointment or she needed me to go food shopping. At that time, she was the Boss and everything was under control. There is so much to say about Antoinette but this is just a glimpse of her. Marvelous Multitasker, that is Antoinette Louis. I could not have done it without her assistance.”

We were impressed by the way that our Finance Director took the time to recognize each member of her team with very specific and detailed stories of how they support her. Clearly, the feeling is mutual since three of them nominated her for recognition. Here is what they said:


Anne Ndunda “doesn’t crack under pressure. She always has a decision how to solve problems and support you. She always smiles and welcomes you any time you need help. She’s always calm and positive no matter what (most notably during audits).”

Serghei Balan “is able to manage and coordinate the fleet of vans every day efficiently which makes all the programs run smoothly. Serghei was also able to update the Vans Policy while also working on implementation of the gas cards and the GPS monitoring systems for the fleet, which was a successful project. Two vans had an accident the same day on 6/9/16 and he was able to coordinate the delivery of the vans to the body shops, acquire the police reports and also make sure that all programs affected ran smoothly too on that day.”

Farah Kansoor “by the 7th of every month is expected to have received all the Service Delivery Reports and Attendance Sheets from the programs, reviewed all and uploaded the data into Enterprise Invoice Management for timely billing of the State. By the 5th of every month, Farah is also expected to have updated all the Charges of Care information for Individuals, uploaded into Accufund, printed the invoices and statements and mailed them out. By the 1st of every month, she is also expected to have billed all the Employment sites, where some of our Individuals work. Farah has performed the above responsibilities well though all are expected to be completed during the first week of the month. She does this while also doing banking every other day or on some weeks every day. When Farah joined WCI, her position had been vacant for more than two months. She was able to start performing her responsibilities even with some responsibilities having a backlog. Her positive attitude towards work and willingness to learn made training her and catching up with work effortless.”


Jackie Kauma “is able to work on multiple recertifications of different entitlements benefits for different Individuals on the same day. She is able to complete the forms, at the same time requesting for different supporting documentations from the programs. She is able to do this with a positive attitude and not feeling overwhelmed because of the deadlines. A late submission of an entitlement benefit form would result in a termination of benefits for an Individual. At the same time, Jackie reviews and audits all the Individuals’ Financial Transaction Records. These records are routinely reviewed and audited every month and there are always special projects within the FTRs that at most times are very time consuming because of the research involved. Jackie has managed to work on the FTRs reviewing all the receipts and also followed through with all the special projects without feeling overwhelmed. She has done a great jot balancing this with the benefits recertifications. Jackie’s every day at most times is a hectic day!”

Alena Moskalenko “at any one time works on different responsibilities (running checks, reviewing and auditing stipends among other responsibilities). She is able to run checks for all vendors and staff every week on a timely manner even with intervals of request for checks required immediately. During the Financial Audit, everyone is always busy and there is always pressure to make sure all the requirements are provided and presented on a timely manner. When I forwarded Alena her times for presentations, she pulled all from the archives in a day and reviewed all to make sure all had the signatures required and presented them early in the morning the next day. She presented them earlier than they were required which really made a section of the audit seamless with all the other requirements ongoing.”

Claire Mwaura “reconciles different General Ledger Accounts and is able to work on most effectively and simultaneously. She is able to reconcile these accounts at the same time researching on all back-ups for all. She is also able to handle interruptions of special projects while working on the General Ledger Accounts. During the last Financial Audit, Auditors requested for a selection of journal entries that we had posted in the year. They also requested for all the backups for the particular journal entries. These were all required on the same day of the request and Claire was able to pull all on the same day and present them. She also organized them well which made it easy for the Auditors to review. Claire also checked in a couple of times during audit requesting to support on reconciling the last minute items, which was great during this hectic period. Recently, I was running the Individuals’ food stamps one late afternoon due to the Entitlements Position falling vacant, and Claire offered to stay into late evening to help in running the Food Stamps so that the Individuals could all get their checks the following day. It can be chaotic when the Individuals come around expecting to receive their checks and find that the checks are not ready.”


Jessica LeBlanc, WCI’s Office Coordinator, is the “face” of WCI to visitors, applicants and employees who need to conduct business or attend trainings at the Main Office. Two people chose to nominate her for recognition as a Marvelous Multitasker.

Judy Nichols says “Jessica was hired in late November, just three months before our Office Manager began an FMLA. She had to hit the ground running to learn her job (and all those people who have walk-in business at the Main Office all day) fast enough to be able to manage things on her own once Amaka began her leave. (She also supervised a part time Office Receptionist.) She accomplished all of this with thoroughness and calm. She has even found time to take on additional projects (like making sure that we keep certain shared documents like the Residential List up to date and accurate). Historically the front office copiers have been a source of great frustration. The surfaces were messy and cluttered, jams or low toner situations were left unresolved, fresh supplies of copy paper were under lock and key. I don’t know if Jessical has accomplished the improvements all on her own or in partnership with others, but you will see that there are not trays for collecting stray, abandoned papers, stapler, staple remover and paper clips, ample supplies of copy paper nearby and proactive service calls/replacement of toner cartridges. It has been a long time since I observed a person staring at a WCI copier in frustration or dismay, at least when Jessica is around.”

Nancy Silver Hargreaves says “Anything that I have given her to do she does with a smile. She remains calm, takes on new responsibilities with a problem. New tasks get thrown at her all the time by me. She does a fantastic job! Jessica was asked to get a Board Meeting Agenda and multiple handouts out to the Board on a Friday afternoon when Amaka was on leave. She stayed late, waited for additional handouts and made it happen. She also took on the IDF’s, asking all the Operations staff for information and collecting it to complete them. She follows up with the staff when there are questions, etc. This is in addition to all of her other responsibilities. There are many other tasks that she has been given to do in light of everything else that is going on at the time.”

Greg Chludzinski is the Employment Manager of WCI’s Off Site Employment program. In that capacity he provides personal support to Aditya Kadambi, who works part time in WCI’s Main Office as the Office Receptionist.

Aditya nominated Greg for recognition as a Marvelous Multitasker.

“Greg is doing an awesome job with running the employment program at 3 Common Street. I think he is the best “go to” person when things get rough and always solves the problem! He is also a good listener and gives great feedback! Whenever I have a problem with a staff member, I’ve gone to Greg and he always helps me sort out the problem.”

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