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DSP Week 2017: A Message From WCI’s Vice President of Operations

WCI’s Mission states, “WCI provides residential, individual, in-home & employment/day supports to people with a wide range of intellectual disabilities, including physical, sensory, autism & acquired brain injury, helping them to achieve a rich, meaningful life within the community.” This mission would be impossible to achieve without the incredible dedication and support of the Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) here at WCI. DSPs are there to educate people to be able to reach personal goals. DSPs are there to help people through some of the most complicated medical issues anyone could imagine. DSPs are there to celebrate milestones. DSPs have been a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader that encourages, invested listeners, activity directors, health advocates and too many roles to list. DSPs are there regardless of the challenges they face and often put their own needs aside to meet the needs of the Individuals we have the honor to support.

I know I have said it many times in the past but it is important we hear it over and over and remember it well. WCI’s DSPs are the core of what we do and WCI is thankful to have such amazing people as part of the team. September 10-16 is National DSP Week. Please take some time this week to thank these wonderful professionals for their service.

Joe Donati, Vice President of Operations

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