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WCI Newsletter: August 2nd, 2016

Message From The Vice President of Operations

It is with great joy WCI announces its latest move. The ladies that lived at Norcross StreetJoe Donati in Arlington were able to move to their new home located at Kendall Street in Waltham in mid-July. This change has been one that all have been looking forward to. Their home is fully accessible and welcoming to all! In their previous home, it was challenging for people to access all areas of the home and this move has allowed all to be able to build their skills to increase independence in the home.

Kendall Park is a 5-bedroom home that is located in a warm, welcoming community. We had the great pleasure to meet the neighbors in this neighborhood and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in my years here at WCI. The neighbors were all looking forward to meeting the ladies and getting to know them. Once they settle in, they will have an Open House and I am sure they will be proud to show off their new home to everyone.

Green Thumbs Up!
garden1Thanks to the Mission in Action (MIA) Grants, Individuals in the Employment and Day Supports Division have been able to plan and reap the rewards of a vegetable garden. The project was a collaboration of work between the WCI Maintenance Department, which helped to prepare the vegetable beds, the Life Skills Day Habilitation Program which planted the veggies, and the Common Street Community Employment Program which has been weeding, watering, and tending to the gardens. Ronnie, Aditya, and Paul garden2all have been regular gardeners. They have helped to pull up weeds, have planted additional herbs, basil and sage, and have been watering the garden daily. They had the pleasure to taste some of the wonderful tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers that the garden thus far produced. They are all excited to see what will come up next; Roma tomatoes, squash, or maybe even a green bean. This summer project has not only educated the Individuals at Common Street about growing veggies, but it has also given them a daily purpose which then yields bountiful results. Once the crops produce more tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs, will be enjoyed by all the Individuals in the Life Skills Program in their Food Preparation Group.

This Mission in Action Grant has been a true success for all involved!

Lauren Jayasinghe, Assistant Clinical Director

We are pleased to announce that Lauren Jayasinghe, Ed.S, BCBA, joined WCl as an Assistant Clinical Director on June 27, 2016. Lauren earned her Masters of Science in Intensive Special Education from Simmons College. She has also earned a post-graduate degree of Educational Specialist in Behavior Education. Lauren has published papers in scholarly journals and has presented at academic conventions. She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for 13 years. We are excited to welcome her to the Clinical Department and look forward to her being part of the Clinical Team!

Culture Club at Rumford Ave!

IMG_0482On July 30, we all came together again for Brazil Culture Club at Rumford Avenue! The Olympics in Rio are just around the corner, but we wanted to focus on Brazil’s natural beauty and wildlife. We made different and unique pictures of toucans perched by the Amazon river in the rainforest, while enjoying Brazilian musicians. Afterwards, we enjoyed pao de coco (coconut bread), coxinhas, and broinhas. It was a blast!


Open House at Brigham House

George hosted a wonderful housewarming party at his new apartment! thumbnail_20160728_185235Sally, Aneta, Serge, Leah and George’s good friend, Will, joined him for a tour of the new place, light refreshments, and then a wonderful outdoor performance by retired State Trooper and Marine Dan Clark. He sang patriotic and sentimental songs. We all enjoyed singing along!

George is enjoying meeting new people through the many social activities offered through Brigham House Assisted Living. Tomorrow, he and Will, are going out for ice cream. George also participates in Catholic Mass every Tuesday morning, and Bingo twice a week with his new friends. George has said that he is very happy in his new apartment!

WCI Standing Strong

WCI Standing Strong (Individual Supports’ Self-Advocacy Group) met on July 12th to vote on officers, and on other important matters. After hearing speeches from each candidate, all of the individuals voted. We are excited to introduce: President Nancy P, Vice President Bob M, and Secretary Kevin B.

In addition, the group voted on term limits. Each officer will serve for six months. Then they will vote again. Everyone felt strongly that it is important that each member of the group have a chance to serve as an officer.

The group elected not to meet in August due to many vacations, and will resume meetings in September.


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