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WCI Newsletter: February 5th, 2016

Message From The President & CEO

nancy headshotWCI had its DDS Survey in December, 2015, which typically occurs every two years. Once again, WCI received another Two Year Certification, a 91/100 for Residential and Individual Supports & a 94/100 for Employment & Day Supports. There are some areas as in any survey that WCI needs to address. We have already started implementing those systems and items identified that need review.

Congratulations to all of the staff, Supervisors & Individuals that participated in the Survey to make it a successful one, and thank you to everyone that worked so hard to receive a successful result!


Family Satisfaction Survey & Educational Forums

WCI will be sending out its Family Satisfaction Survey once again at the beginning of the year! Please look for it and take the time to fill it out. Your feedback is important to us!
You will be receiving it by email and mail as we are attempting to receive as many email addresses as possible. Please ensure we have your email address by sending it to Jamie Cooper,

As you may know, WCI has hired a Family Support Liaison, Jason Moss. Along with your Family Satisfaction Survey you will be receiving a Survey asking you about your interest & time available to attend Educational Forums & networking sessions. This also will be coming via email and mail to ensure everyone receives the survey. Please either use email or mail at your convenience.
Thank you for your attention to these two surveys coming to you soon!


Transfer To Safety-Care™

safetycare-logo-good-colourWCI is pleased to announce that we will be using the Safety-Care™ Behavioral Safety Training program for crisis prevention and management. We are changing over from PREVENT, the crisis management program we currently use, as Safety-Care has some notable advantages. Safety-Care™ is used in a wide range of settings and states across the country, in addition to being a curriculum approved by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. PREVENT is in use at less than 5 agencies, providing fewer opportunities for feedback and curriculum revisions. Safety-Care™ is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and it fits seamlessly with Positive Behavior Supports. There is a focus on de-escalation and crisis prevention, as well physical management to safely handle more intense situations. Safety-Care™ also offers substantial documentation to ensure consistency in training and implementation.


Office Space Renovations & Expansion

We want to inform you that WCI will be expanding & renovating its office space at 135 Beaver Street, Waltham. It will occur in two phases. Industrial-Construction-Signs-43488BBHPLYALU-baWe have outgrown our existing space, need additional offices for new positions, conference and training rooms. We were quite lucky to acquire this space from Duffy Properties, as the company in the space decided to move to another floor in the building.

Our 1st phase of this move into the new space is expected to be on March 1st. Our second phase is to renovate the front of the office giving us more space as people enter, to accommodate a receptionist to welcome people to WCI and to provide more security. This 2nd phase will begin around March 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience during the time of renovation which will be approximately two weeks.

Thank you for your patience during our renovations. We will continue to keep you informed and up to date on the changes!


Welcome To The Team!

The Maintenance Department is very happy to welcome Kerry Metelus to the Maintenance Department. Kerry has recently completed certification courses in maintenance and HVAC which will provide him with additional skills needed to jump right in at WCI.

Congratulations and welcome to our new addition!



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