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WCI Success Story: Aaron

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness month! We’ll be sharing success stories of our Individuals, and we invite you to share your stories, photos and videos!


Aaron is bright young man of 26 who recently completed his 4th year at the Life Skills Day Habilitation program.  Over the past year, Aaron has made great strides in his goals that can be seen in his every day life.  Aaron is full of energy and loves to go out in the van.   When Aaron first joined WCI, he had difficulty staying in one place for more than a few minutes and trying new activities unless the van was involved.  Aaron has really pushed himself to engage in activities.   He now enjoys weaving, exercise, sensory group, and walks to the park with little prompting.  Aaron’s has also excelled in his communication skills.  Where Aaron was originally tasked with creating 2-3 word statements, he has far surpassed his goal.  Aaron creates statements of 3 or more words, expresses complex concepts such as time, and spells words from reading without prompts.  Aaron is now moving on to reading sentences from books with staff!

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