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WCI Success Story: Michele

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness month! We’ll be sharing success stories of our Individuals, and we invite you to share your stories, photos and videos!


Michele has been receiving Employment Supports from WCI since July, 2014. The Employment Support Specialists at the Community Employment Program have worked with Michelle over the year on job development.

Throughout the past several years, with the support of job coaches, Michelle has been successful in finding employment.

Michele currently has two part-time jobs, which she has been proving to be tremendously successful. She has held these two jobs for a year now.

Since July last year, Michele has been working as an Associate for Re-stream in Waltham. Michele works sorting recyclables in their warehouse. When she is not sorting recyclables, she is cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting the office space. Michele also works at PCF distributing flyers in Brighton. Michele does a great job at both of these positions. She is transported by a job coach and works in a team of 2 or 3, which is considered Group Employment. The feedback from the Supervisors at both locations has been very positive.

Michele seems to be doing well with these job opportunities and is very motivated by the pay checks that she receives. Michele takes the jobs very seriously, a trait that is definitely appreciated by her supervisors and colleagues. She has worked hard to build a rapport with her colleagues and learned the responsibilities of the job.

When Michele is not working, she is doing volunteer work at the American Red Cross, Watertown Public Library and Company One.

In addition, Michele was the Employee of the Month for the month of May 2015. When I speak to Michele about her jobs, she says that she loves the two jobs and wants to keep them for a long time. It’s been a pleasure working with Michele and congratulations to her on her success to date.

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