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WCI Success Story: Murphy

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness month! We’ll be sharing success stories of our Individuals, and we invite you to share your stories, photos and videos!


The Individual Supports Success Story for this year is Murphy. Murphy has had a wonderful year, professionally and personally! Murphy has taken the initiative to make major changes in his life this past year.

Murphy decided that he would like to work at Market Basket, and asked the Director of Community Employment for help. They filled out the application together, and Murphy turned it in.  He began work when the store opened in Waltham this year.  Murphy has done a wonderful job of keeping track of his schedule independently, communicating with his supervisor, and being a dedicated employee.  Murphy clearly has a wonderful working relationship with his coworkers and is well-liked.

Murphy has had some medical issues recently, but he has impressively met these challenges.  Murphy has become a wonderful self-advocate who knows how to reach out when he needs assistance or when he has health questions.  Murphy has learned a lot about healthy eating!

He enjoys trying new fruits and vegetables, and likes to talk about and ask questions about which foods are good for his health.

Murphy enjoys his music sessions weekly with his friends.  Murphy is frequently to be found at the Library, where he enjoys renting DVDs and accessing the internet independently.

This has truly been a successful year for Murphy!

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