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WCI Success Story: Yolande

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness month! We’ll be sharing success stories of our Individuals, and we invite you to share your stories, photos and videos!


Yolande struggles with osteoarthritis, yet strives for independence in every activity she attempts, and she never misses a cooking, dance or photography class. Although activities of daily living take her longer to complete than others, her spirit is indomitable and in the last year she has learned to do so much for herself and her housemates. With the support of her morning staff, she makes the coffee for her peers, sets out the mugs and condiments and helps everyone get off to work in a positive pleasant state of mind. She has learned to cook herself breakfast, completes her own laundry, and tries very hard to keep her room clean. Yolande is highly observant and never misses a thing around her.  She pays attention to the neighbors, takes in the mail and has recently taken up gardening.  With the new changes in her transportation to work, Yolande has an extra hour before leaving the house for the day.  As this time of day is typically the time that she feels best and has the most energy, her morning staff has ensured that she has all of the necessary tools for early morning gardening.  She takes her gardening stool, her gloves, and her coffee and is seen outside weeding the petunias, the full vegetable gardens and the beds that line the house with her gnomes and the birdbath. Yolande enjoys life fully, is full of contagious energy and truly a joy to spend time with.  She has been a source of inspiration for her peers and especially her morning staff.

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