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WCI’s Bridge Builder Award Winners!

What is a bridge builder?

  1. An employee who creates a connection with the Individuals on an emotional level by listening and addressing how they are feeling.
  2. An employee who identifies the Individual’s interest in community activities and helps them build relationships with other members of the community.
  3. An employee who is a supporter and a mentor for the Individuals participating in the meaningful connections, such as a community event.
  4. An employee who actively thinks of ideas on how to engage other individuals in community activities.

WCI is proud to recognize:

Chloe Caiola (who encouraged one of the Individuals she supports to participate in a cooking class, overcoming his initial reluctance to participate in community outings of any kind).

Holly May Doman (who has supported one of the Individuals she supports to keep going to work when it felt hard by reminding her of how much her friends would miss her).

Jesse Farren-James (by assisting one of the Individuals she supports to cultivate his dating relationship with an Individual who lives in another WCI supported home, empowering him to try new ideas and make the necessary arrangements for executing them).

Jennifer Lopes (by being the other supportive side of the situation described in Jesse’s recognition; when the couple went to a restaurant together Jen sat at a different table to allow them to build their relationship in safety).

Jackline Najjuma (by helping an Individual to set up his own Facebook account in order to be in more frequent touch with his family, who live out of state; now he can see family photos and status updates, as well as posting his own).

Congratulations to our award winners, and keep making WCI proud!

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