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WCI’s Busy Bee Award Winners!

In October and November the Employee Recognition Committee honored four employees in the category of “Busy Bee”.  Who is a Busy Bee?

  1. Someone who consistently goes above and beyond, doing more than just the basics to make things better.
  2. An employee who not only volunteers to take on extra projects, but follows through and delivers high-quality results.
  3. A person who volunteers to cover shifts/projects when staffing is down without complaint.
  4. Someone who manages to get everything done well, while maintaining a work/life balance.

Renee Edouard, Support Coordinator of Berkley Street, was nominated by her supervisor, Lenause Bouloute, for “her kindness and strength when things got out of control.”

“It has been a year since Renee was promoted as Berkley’s Support Coordinator.  This year two of the Individuals had major surgeries.  At those difficult times she stood her ground.  Some appointments were very early in the morning; she called out at her other job to make it and make sure everything was in place.  She has mastered ostomy care so well that the surgeon said that she could be a specialist.  She never complains.  She is always there to help and put her personal life aside any time we need her.  On behalf of the Berkley Street Individuals, I say ‘thank you’ for everything you have done for them and will continue to do to improve their lives.”


Pam Laventure, Vice President of Human Resources, was nominated by her colleague, Shannon McDonald, because she “multitasks, covers open positions and frequently works weekends to get everything done.”

“Pam has been covering for the open position of recruiter for months.  She has been coming in early, leaving late, coming in on the weekends and has done a great job finding qualified candidates.  On top of covering the open position, she has not let anything from her regular job responsibilities suffer.  Staff often come to her office to talk to her about various issues they are having, and she always makes time to hear their complaints and try to find a resolution without rushing them.  On top of that, she still manages to take her daughter to dance events and do all the work of being a mom.  I have no idea how she does it!”

Cece Norman, Director of Supports in Employment Social Skills was nominated by her supervisor, Aneta Hazen because she “does not stop from the time she gets into the program to the time she leaves.  She works hard with the Individuals, with her staff, and with other managers in the building, juggling staffing, group coverages, groups to the State House, family tours, vans, ISP meetings, program decorations, birthday celebrations and replanting the multitude of plants that are on display on the second floor.”

“This past September Cece wanted to make her staff feel very special during DSP week.  She created “Feel Good Baskets.”  These baskets included candies, water, chocolates and other healthier snacks.  As a result of this great idea, staff in all four programs in the Division were able to enjoy small treats during the week.  She also printed words of encouragement for the staff, posting them around the program and letting staff know how much she appreciated their hard work.”

Jeannot “Papa” Melon, DSP at Central Street was nominated by his supervisor, Ashley Byrnes because “he will do anything for the Individuals, cover shifts, take an Individual out and make the Individuals laugh.”

“One day a staff never showed up for their shift and the overnight staff was in trouble with her babysitter due to the demand for her to stay stuck at work in order to maintain the staffing ratio.  Jeannot gave up his own personal time to come in early without complaint.  This allowed the overnight staff to go home to her child.  Jeannot will come in if I ask him five minutes before the shift is scheduled to begin.  He will come in early without a single complaint.  He takes care of med refills without fuss.  I love him!”

Please join us in congratulating everyone and stop by the Main Office and see pictures of these events on the ERC bulletin board.

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