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WCI’s Morale Booster Award Winners!

September (2017) was the month of MORALE BOOSTER awards from WCI’s Employee Recognition Committee.

A Morale Booster is someone who puts a smile on your face, the glue who holds the team together and/or the person you go to when you feel overwhelmed, and they give you the boost you need to keep going.  22 employees were nominated and 18 of them were recognized during the month of September.

On September 6th, Kim Barlow and Jamie Cooper were recognized during WCI’s monthly Management Team meeting.  Kim was described as “always a phone call or text message away from helping problem solve or just listen to a venting session about a stressful situation.”  Jamie was described as “always finds a way to make me smile and laugh even in the midst of chaos and pressure from other people/departments.”

On September 11th, Paul Arrighi and Emily Mostek were recognized during the Employment Division Team meeting.  Paul was described as “an eternal optimist who never complains and always has a smile on his face.”  Emily was described as someone who “is able to recognize and empathize with others regarding challenging situations; additionally she is always quick to make and accept suggestions with the focus being positive outcomes for all those involved.”

Finally, on September 27th, the entire staff of Clark #2 was treated to a delicious lunch in recognition for the grace and patience they showed during an emergency relocation.  They were recognized for their “level of care, compassion, dedication and hard work shown literally by every staff person involved; there have been no complaints in front of the Individuals, just positive attitudes and smiles to try to help get everyone through this trying time.”  These staff are Samuel Bukenya, Denis Busengo, Marcio Correia, Myrlande Emanuel, Nathalie Gustin, Douglas Kirunda, Elmane Louijeune, Justine Nalubwama, Pierre Nortelus, Pharell Occean, Olugbenga Oluyokun, Maqsuda Shaikh-Alam and Yunusu Ssali.

Please join us in applauding such a stellar group of Morale Boosters!  (And check out the ERC bulletin board display in the Main Office.)

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