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WCI’s Wellness Bonus Achievers For 2016!

Did you know that WCI has a Wellness Bonus Program?wellness-clipart-clipart-yoga-animaatjes-15-nn8xmj-clipart

Here’s how it works. If you work continuously in a Regular position of 20 hours/week or more for an entire calendar year, then you are eligible for the following bonus payments in one of your paychecks in January or February of the following year.

For the calendar year 2016, the following employees earned $200 (for not using any sick time at all):

Olumuyiwa Afolabi Leah Andrews
Steve Groden Sandra Kayizzi
Julius Kintu Martin Kintu
Simon Kyobe Georges Louissaint
Jeannot Melon Nicole Metayer
Justine Nalubwama Kizza Nsubuga
Mable Ntabadde David Obasi
Greg Rosene Libasse Seck
Jacqueline Williams

The following employees earned $100 (for using one to no more than eight hours of sick time):

Kim Barlow Karen Dooley
Paula Dunn-Meadows Renee Edouard
Nick Salem

And, last but not least, the following employees earned $50 (for using nine to no more than sixteen hours of sick time):

Arthur Andrade Galvane Andre
Enold Antoine Carmelle Augustin
Bill Batista Jay Dulong
Miguelle Francois Nancy Silver Hargreaves
Edgar Herrera Jean Joseph
Cutie King Pam Laventure
Hassan Mayambala Lateef Okenla
Sally Roach Ben Stevens

Congratulations, everyone and may 2017 be another year of good health for you and everyone else who’s reading this!

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