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WCI believes that all individuals in our employment programs have the right to work. WCI takes great pride in its employment programs and places a large emphasis on creative, person tailored job development for all of the Individuals supported. People work full time and part time depending on their needs and abilities. We provide flexible options for people with intellectual disabilities, autism, sensory and acquired brain injury. We are community based and looking to grow and expand.

WCI Employment

We begin by assessing each individual’s skills and interests, matching them with a job that is the right fit for them. WCI’s Job Developer collaborates with both the individual and the workplace in ensuring that both parties benefit from the relationship.

We provide three distinct employment programs.


The mission of this program is to support its participants in obtaining community jobs. Participants are offered training and support around career exploration, skill development, job matching and development, job coaching, soft skills and behavioral supports. People are employed in individual competitive jobs and small group employment situations, in both volunteer and community situations.


In this program we provide person centered employment and programming that is innovative, community based and responsive to the changing needs of the individual participants and families, funding source and community. We provide a rich menu of vocational, education and community based activities. Our people work in business and volunteer settings, participate in our Art Initiative or grow vegetables in a local garden.


In this program we offer the participants a supportive, comprehensive, individualized deaf environment where people can attain their employment goals. People are placed in individual and group employment, working in community businesses with job coaching supports. Individuals are supported by an all deaf staff and staff that is fluent in ASL.


The Waverley Redemption Center is a Waltham based business in partnership with WCI and operated by a staff of six who support 23 people with intellectual disabilities to run the business. For over twenty years, the business has been recycling bottles, cans, plastic and glass.


The Art Initiative program allows all participants/artists with intellectual disabilities who participate in the WCI Employment and Day Supports programs to create art through different mediums, no matter their ability. Examples are acrylic paintings, note cards, jewelry and crafts. Each artist brings their own talent to an atmosphere where one does not need sight, hearing or the use of both hands to create beautiful works of art.

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