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Life Skills

The mission and vision of this program is to deliver therapeutic and person-centered supports to individuals to reach their maximum potential and independence in their daily lives. Goals are based on each person’s medical, physical, social, communication and therapeutic needs. Exercise, Healthy Living, Cooking, Art, Music, Nature Connection, Human Rights and Advocacy are all a part of the program

WCI Day Habilitiation

Programming takes place at the site and in the community. An interdisciplinary team works with each person to develop a customized program. At a minimum there is a 1:4 ration providing intensive support and supervision in a caring and comfortable setting. Some participants may receive a greater staff to individual ration for portions of the day.

Clinical Services offered include: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Behavioral Therapy. A Registered Nurse, Health Care Supervisor is always on site as well as a consulting Behavioral Therapist. WCI is committed to community involvement and has an extensive transportation system.

In Addition, participants can attend part-time and also be involved in Employment or Community Based Day Supports programs listed above.

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