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Residential Services

WCI consists of 135 people within 51 homes, apartments and condominiums based on their individual needs, hopes & desires in four communities of Waltham, Watertown, Belmont and Arlington.

WCI Residential Services


Our 24 Hour Residential Support addresses the needs of persons with intellectual disabilities, autism, physical or sensory needs and some with significant medical conditions. We provide specialized medical services and treatment, medication management and an accessible home. Nursing Supports are provided through WCI’s Nursing Team. Additional support staff of varying levels provide personal care, meal preparation, nutrition planning, diet, exercise, shopping, in home and community recreation opportunities, domestic skills, communication, mobility, money management and more.


This division primarily supports people with psychiatric and behavioral challenges and helps them to live successfully within the community. WCI’s Clinical team provides extensive supports and coordination with psychiatrists and health care providers. Each individual is supported in daily living skills, social skills and interactions, community integration, relationship building, nutritional meal planning, diet, exercise, shopping, money management, self-advocacy, safety skills and pursuing community recreational activities that are of interest to them. We currently service 41 individuals in 12 homes and apartments in the Waltham/Arlington area.


The Deaf Residential Supports focuses on individuals with intellectual disabilities who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing of Deaf Blind. In this division, deaf staff or hearing staff with ASL skills are hired to support the communication needs of the individuals. Through current technology, WCI helps to support people’s independence with video phones, flashing light and vibrating alarms. All staff and individuals are educated in deaf culture and our interpreters are contracted through Mass. Commission for Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Support is individualized and includes personal care, social skills, nutrition, money management, safety, and more.


Individual supports provides independent living in the community of choice with varying levels of staff support, 3 to 60 hours/week. We typically provide assistance and guidance with managing their money, shopping, nutritional meal planning, diet & exercise, travel, problem solving, home maintenance, social activities and vacations. We also have a 24 hr. support available as needed and for emergency situations. Our Individual Supports Self Advocacy Group meets monthly and has a self-run Board of Directors, teaches people about the political process and their individual rights. Our program, “Home of One’s Own” helps individuals through the process of owning their own condominium.

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